Alphaville Live In Concert - San Jose Aug 11 2017

Featuring Marian Gold and Full Band. Opening entertainment by christopher ANTON and the Joneses

Alphaville -

The nucleus of Alphaville had already been formed by the end of the seventies, at the Berlin University of the Arts, where the original line-up of Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd and Frank Mertens suddenly decided they would rather produce music than paintings or sculptures: “We were absolute beginners with no experience whatsoever.

In line with the do-it-yourself spirit of punk, we looped drum sequences  taken from our records on a two-track machine. (…) We had to resort to that early form of sampling, before the term “sampling” even existed,” recalls Marian Gold. They turned out to be resourceful dilettantes, releasing 3 international hits straight out of the blocks with “Big in Japan”, “Sounds Like A Melody” and “Forever Young” (…) which brought them all the status of a studio band with the greatest possible artistic freedom. “We enjoyed our time in the ivory tower, we gave everything a try and relied on constant musical change.”

Since the mid-nineties, Alphaville have been touring all across the world, while 1996 saw the departure of the last members of the earlier line-up, Ricky Echolette and Bernhard Lloyd. Their positions have since been filled by Britons Martin Lister (keyboards) and David Goodes (guitar) and with the German Jakob Kiersch on drums. The 1997 album “Salvation” witnessed a return to classic Alphaville songs. That was followed in 2000 by live album "Stark Naked" and finally in 2003 by the extravagant web production, “Crazyshow”, the latter giving their worldwide fan community the opportunity to follow the creation of a new album live on the internet, from its initial embryonic beginnings right up to final completion. “We’ve moved on with our sounds since then, written a load of new pieces and have jetted around the globe at least 20 times”, is how Marian Gold sums it up. A new chapter of the Alphaville story is about to start.

christopher ANTON and the Joneses (feat. former lead singer of Information Society)

Inspired by their love of 80s Synth Pop music, Christopher ANTON and the Joneses continue to entertain huge crowds and bring their own brand of Synth-Rock, Pop, Dance and New Wave to the 21st century. Christopher ANTON showcased his talent when he was selected to be the lead vocalist for Information Society, a band many of us know so well with hits like “What’s On Your Mind? (Pure Energy)” and freestyle-fusion hit “Running”. Together with longtime band-mate, Donna Jean, christopher ANTON and The Joneses is a dynamic high energy INTERNATIONAL touring band that will bring a memorable show, and help bring any special event to life! Whether it's at a live concert venue, community festival, state fair, corporate event, cruise ship, casino, private function, church/youth event, or dance club, christopher ANTON and The Joneses is sure to entertain!

Date & Time

Friday August 11th 2017

Doors open 7:00PM

Entertainment @ 8:00PM


City National Civic

135 W San Carlos St

San Jose, CA 95113

Google Map & Directions

Venue Directions


Tickets are $55 to $$110, with front row $135. The There are $50 obstructed view seats available as well.


The entertainment of the evening will be Alphaville featuring Marian Gold and full band. Opening entertainment by christopher ANTON & The Joneses and DJ BPM!

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