February 7,8,9 & 14, 15 16 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

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 Fri Feb 14 
Show 8PM
 Sat Feb 15th 
Show 8PM
 Matinee Show Sun Feb 16th
Show 4PM 



Copyright 2013

Written by Dr. Gloria Morrow

Produced By Dr. Gloria Morrow

Directed By Dino Shorte'

Casting Director, Jeannine Austin Fisher

Musical Supervisor, Steven Wayne

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All shows at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre (4800 Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90027) 


Men all over the world are hurting and may even be crying silent tears because they are secretly suffering from mental, physical, and spiritual health issues for a variety of complex issues.

Unfortunately, many men do not seek help for emotional problems, making them at risk of developing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as relationship issues. In 2008, Dr. Gloria was inspired to delve into the emotional world of men in a more structured way. She conducted an exploratory qualitiative research project to discover some of the things that make men cry both internally and externally.

A structured interview protocol was developed, and in-depth interviews were conducted with 13 primarily African American males between the ages of 18-86 who discussed their definition of manhood, the things that cause them to experience emotional pain, their attitudes towards exposing their emotional selves, attitudes and beliefs towards seeking professional help when necessary, and strategies for helping men to deal with their emotions in a healthier way. To contribute to this work, Dr. Gloria was inspired to write the script for the stage play of the same name, The Things that Make Men Cry. The story is set in a barbershop where two barbers (Joe and Mel) work with men who come into the shop with some of the issues that cause men to cry internally and externally.  

However, the major focus of this play is the pain men suffer when they grow up without a father in their lives. It is fascinating that even though the book and play were written a few years ago, the topic of missing fathers has been coming up over and over again, and may explain why some men are angry and sad. During the course of the play secrets will be revealed that will help explain Joe and Mel's compassion for the men who frequent the barber shop.

The Things that Make Men Cry, the book and the stage play have both been designed for men and women who want to gain a better understanding of men and their emotional pain, as well as to embrace ways to help men to become healthier. You will experience every emotion possible while listening to the men's story and the music that serves as an appropriate backdrop. You will leave inspired, transformed, and motivated to have further discussions with the men you know and love.