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Hamazkayin Western Region

six day Theatre Festival Feb 3 through 8 2015

All Shows @ El Portal Theatre -
5269 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood CA 91601

For complete festival information visit hamazkayintheatrefestival.com

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About 44 Degrees

Asdghik Simonyan’s drama, based on Tigran Hayrapetyan’s story, unfolds in an Armenian village, where Mgro and his wife Siranush – repatriates from the U.S. to Armenia – have settled, leaving behind the comforts of their American life. But as everyone around them emigrates and the country is emptied of its population, Mgro and Siranush face the ultimate test of their hope and faith in the homeland.

Shkhonts Mihran

Davit Hakobyan’s dramatization of “Shkhonts Mihran” is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide; its title character is himself a survivor, who has escaped the massacres in Van and has found refuge in Yerevan, where he ekes out a living as a cobbler. Yet the past haunts Mihran, flooding him with memories of his younger days – of his intended bride, the looming violence and the resistance movement in Van, and his family’s eventual displacement and escape. Using flashbacks to move back and forth through time, “Shkhonts Mihran” unfolds as a poignant tale of yearning, nostalgia, and hope.

Salvation Island

Inspired by William Saroyan’s writings, Nikolai Tsaturyan’s “Salvation Island” unfolds in a small seaside town, where the pace of life is leisurely. Inhabitants of the town – among them, a young boy, a schoolteacher, and a writer – populate the play, as their lives intersect in the local barbershop. Constructed around the metaphor of an oyster and a pearl, “Salvation Island” offers a quaint exploration of life’s daily struggles amidst the pursuit of serenity and happiness.

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